Youth Training Roundtable- Episode 210

Jun 22, 2022

Highlights of Episode 210

  Hit the Gym with a Strength Coach
Youth Training Roundtable- taken from Episode 31 of Strength Coach TV
Jim Kielbaso (IYCA), Darryl Nelson (USA Hockey) and Brian Sipotz (Advantage Strength) get together to talk about:
 ** The Evolution of Youth Training- the biggest changes over the last 15 years
 ** What are we doing right in Youth Training
 ** Problems with current industry practices
** The future and how we can make it better
The Coaches Corner with Coach Boyle
 Coach Boyle joins me to discuss:
 **Social Media takeaways from the PB Summit
 **Training Hamstrings- Is There a Right Way?
 **The thread called How fast or slow do you lower the bar in deadlift?
Complete Sports Conditioning

The Business of Fitness with Results Fitness
 Alwyn Cosgrove discusses "Lifetime Value of a Client"
The Functional Movement Systems Segment
 Functional Movement Systems Gray, Lee and Rick Mayo from Alloy Fitness did on Why & When a Modified FMS is Appropriate

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