Who In The World Needs A Personal Trainer?

Jun 22, 2022

For however long you’ve been in this game, I’m sure we’ve all at least once personally contemplated and/or heard questions like: Why in the world would somebody reallyneed the services of a personal trainer, strength coach or athletic performance coach? What would be the reason(s) for someone to actually pay another person just to tell them what to do? What are the title differences anyway? What if people are “on the bubble”, and considering going it on their own?

Well, in this article we are going to examine just a few of these poignant questions, and hopefully construct viable answers.

First, let’s take a look at some broad spectrum “intelligence”. There exists a demographic of well-meaning persons who feel that they can just go to a gym (Or their basement) in the absence of professional guidance, and gain the same results. Normally this mindset results from a lack of knowledge, finances, time, commitment or even fear of the unknown. People’s idea of what our professional intervention may or may not do for them literally begins with their learned perception.

My buddy Alwyn Cosgrove once said (and I paraphrase):

“Most people’s conclusion about personal trainers usuallycomesfrom TV or movies.In most TV shows or movies, the personal trainer is either a juice-head, criminal or complete idiot.” (Or just a seedy character in general with no real career path)

Henceforth; that is why it is supremely important to remain cognizant as to how we both carry ourselves,and connect with people. (That includes not falling off of barstools with your clients and athletes. – But more on that later)

How we present both physically and professionally will either be a direct business driver, or detractor.

Example - Imagine you are just beginning your career. So, you didn’t get that team internship you desired, rather landed an eclectic position at a given big-box gym. You are allowed to roam the floor in hopes of obtaining some clients, or may be get a few“scraps” thrown at you from new member sign-up packages.

Either way, just starting out is uncomfortable to say the least. Herein lies certain variables of which we must remain keenly aware. This is where one begins (and should never cease) developing the tangible and intangible client acquisition “aura”.

How do we look? What do we say? Do we exude a spirit of advancement? Or do we persistently look miserable?

Quite simply put; Do people want to be around us in the first place? Aspire to be like us? Hunger to learn from us?

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