Video- Overcoming ISO in Season

Jun 22, 2022

Nate VanKouwenberg started the Overcoming ISO in Season thread and it created some great discussion. Here is his follow up.

Overcoming Iso In-Season # To follow up on a recent forum question I posted a few weeks ago about using Overcoming Isometric exercises in-season, I wanted to share some updates. # I traditionally have steered clear of isometric focused programming in-season to prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and CNS overload. When I saw well respected coaches like @donskovsc and @craig__edwards posting Overcoming Iso exercises in-season, I obviously wanted to dig deeper to see if this was something I should consider with my @ritmhky boys and at @nextlevelrochester . There were some awesome responses both supporting and questioning this approach. # Anthony Donskov listed several reasons WHY he uses Overcoming Iso with his in-season athletes. Three that sold me were: 1) "During ISO contraction the greatest amount of motor units are recruited when compared to eccentric/concentric;" 2) "They're a great tool for PAP with less overall load on the system. In other words, we can "wake up" a motor unit pool without overloading the athlete by placing external weight in the hands, or on the back;" 3) Minimal residual soreness when compared to typical eccentric/iso/concentric barbell work." Craig Edwards has also programmed Overcoming Iso exercises In-Season with no reports of DOMS and positive feedback from athletes. # I decided to add an Overcoming Iso PAP complex to day 2 (Wednesday) of our RIT in-season program. In this video, @thebrowntown_ (8 goals in last 3 games/ #2 in @ncaaicehockey Scoring/ 1st NCAA Star last week/ @atlantichockey Neatest Stall Award), is performing an Overcoming Iso Split Squat (3x:08), paired with a submax Dynamic Goblet RFESS (40-50% 3x4 each). This is week three of the phase and there's been no evidence of overtraining, or reports of DOMS from anyone. Several guys have noted they've felt great the last couple of weekends. OBVIOUSLY endless factors to consider, BUT.. # Has anyone else had success with Overcoming Iso PAP In-Season? If you're not on, figure it out! @michael_boyle1959 @antrenna @perform_better #isometrictraining #hockey #officetraining

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