Using the Assault AirBike Elite

Jun 22, 2022


We have about 20 Assaults and, 2 of the Assault Elites.

I have to admit that I like the feel of the Elite better.

There are two issues: 

  • The Elite costs about $400 dollars more. That's a big deal in a commercial facility.
  • The computers are different. Although both bikes have a built in 20/10 and 20/10 feature, the Elite does not log mileage during the rest periods. This may not seem like a big deal but, for us we track total distance during a 20/10 or 10/20.


With the Original Assault I will generally log:

1.5 miles in a 20/10 set

1.2 miles in a 10/20

Today I did 20/10 on the Elite and got 1.1 miles

On the 10/20 I was only .5 miles

20/10             10/20    
Original Assault 1.5 mi 1.2 mi
Elite 1.1 mi .5 mi
*Elite does not log mileage during the rest periods


This is is only a big deal if your are like me ( a bit OCD). I like to log the results of my ride and, have over 700 rides recorded since 2005 on a file in my computer.

Hope this helps.