SIP- WORKOUT #3 - Ultimate Sandbag Circuit

Jul 25, 2022


Today I collaborate with Mike Yudin of Team Yudin Training for an awesome SIP workout with ONE tool, The Ultimate Sandbag (we use their water bag in this video).

Enjoy this one our in the sun like we did and get that Vitamin D to go along with this great total-body circuit!


Exercise and Reps

Hip Bridge with Added Tension- 8-10 reps

Plank Drag- 5 second drag- 4-6 reps

Overhead Press- Pull handles apart- 5-8 reps

Bentover Row- Pull Handles apart- 5-8 reps

Max Lunge- 8-10 reps

Shoveling- 8-10 reps

Around the World- 8-10 reps each side


SIP WORKOUT AT TEAM YUDIN from Robert dos Remedios on Vimeo.