Lessons in the Art of Coaching from Grief with Rhonda Catt- Episode 183

Jun 22, 2022

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Highlights of Episode 183




"Hit the Gym with a Strength Coach" -Rhonda Catt, owner of Catt Conditioning, is on to talk about some of the lessons she learned in the Art of Coaching from the grief she experienced with the loss of her husband.  Rhonda talks about her article "Grief and the Strength Coach" and how that grief taught her to approach her clients and athletes differently.  She also goes over some of the warning signs of heart disease, especially important in someone who does not have any markers and is in good health otherwise.
Time is running out to help Brendon Rearick in his battle with Aplastic Anemia, which is Bone Marrow Failure.  We set up a fundraiser for Brendon with a "Collect Moments, Not Things" T-Shirt campaign.  Please consider buying a T-shirt to help Brendon.
"Coaches Corner with Coach Boyle"- Coach Boyle talks about "Don't Look in My Window (until you talk to me first)", his videos "Downhill Lunge" and MB Overhead Rotary Throw and the article "The Truth about Achieving Excellence" and more.

"Ask the Equipment Experts with Perform Better" - Erin McGirr joins us to talk about the Current Sale and the first Summit in Orlando.

"The Business of Fitness with Results Fitness University"- Rachel Cosgrove is on to talk about "Dreaming Bigger".

"The Functional Movement Systems Segment" Brett Jones is on to talk about "Creating Positive Responses" .

"The Art of Coaching with EXOS"- Brent Callaway is on to talk about part 2 of "Forming a System in the Team Environment" .

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