Resources to Help You Navigate The New Normal- Coronavirus

Jul 25, 2022

Here is a list of Free or very low cost products, services, and articles that can help you get through our current situation:

SIGN THE PETITION- Include Health and Fitness Industry in Economic Relief from Impacts of COVID-19

Online Courses and Products 

Pat Rigsby and Patrick Beith

- Rapid Product Creation-  This course will help you create your own course then put it up and sell it online.

Pat Flynn

FREE- Let Go  (Kindle Edition)- "Let Go was about what happened when I was laid off in 2008 and how I dealt with all of the emotions back then"

FREE- Will It Fly- (Kindle Edition)- "Will It Fly can help you get started on that new business idea"

FREE for a limited time (as of March 19)- Smart from Scratch ONLINE CourseHow to Find a Winning Business Idea & Land Your First Customer

Results Fitness

Free 14 Day Access to the ENTIRE Fitness Business Mastery 7 Module Course from Results Fitness University (NORMALLY $97 a month)

Times like this you can either join into the hysteria, spend your days consuming news and becoming more and more negative as you start to focus on the worst that could happen, OR use this time to regroup and focus on your own personal development and what you can do to get through this better than you went into it and start planning for the future.

We want to help you to become a better fitness business owner as you are dealing with the "here and now" of our reality.   

Today we are giving away our entire Fitness Business Mastery course for FREE for 14 Days!  (You have to make sure you cancel if you do not want to pay after 14 days)


Strength Coach Podcast-
"Industry Leaders on Contingency Plans for the Coronavirus" with Alwyn Cosgrove, Frank Dolan, Elsbeth Vaino and Rick Mayo

Episode 277- Don Saladino discusses building the online/virtual brand, Coach Boyle and Alwyn Cosgrove discusses the MBSC and Results Fitness responses to the shutdown

Gym Owners Response to the Shutdown- Episode 278.5- Alwyn Cosgrove, Elsbeth Vaino, Evan Marcantonio, Jon Messner, Frank Dolan and Stephen Bigelow join me to discuss what they are doing during the shutdown.

Brianna Diorio on Nutrition and Supplementation for Stress, Sleep and Immune System- Episode 279

Back in Business! How 2 Gyms are Operating with Restrictions- Episode 280.5 Forum Threads


Check out the new COVID-19 FORUM SECTION

COVID-19 (separate thread)

Home workouts Ideas for people staying home during COV19

Strength losses while quarantined, advice 

Group Texting Services Web-Based

Zoom Classes

Post Covid-19 and our industry?

Best practices - Reopening


Actual Letters to Gym Members about Moving Forward- Frank Dolan, Elsbeth Vaino and TJ Lopez

Letter to Clients- Part 2- Elsbeth Vaino

THE Time for Remote Training is Now- Ryan Leibreich (TrainHeroic)

From Retail to Remote: A Guide for Trainers and Gym Owners Navigating COVID-19- Team TrainHeroic

Ideas for dealing with client cancellations, gym closures, and the transition to online coaching- Precision Nutrition

What Trainers Are Getting Wrong About Virtual Training- Jenny Rearick

Guidelines for Reopening in Tennessee

How Our Colleagues Are Thinking About Reopening in Post Pandemic World- Geralyn Coopersmith



1 Dumbbell Home Workout- Michael Boyle

The One Kettlebell Workout- Michael Boyle

Home Workouts- Part 2- Michael Boyle

Home Workouts - Part 3 (Using 1x20)- Michael Boyle

Home Workouts Part 4- Reversing the 1x20 Concept- Michael Boyle

Home Workouts - Day 5 Modified 1x20 Example
- Michael Boyle

Adult 3 Day In-Home Program- Dan Gabelman

At Home Warm-Up Routines- Joel Jackson

Home/Travel Full Body Isometric Program- Brijesh Patel

SIP- (Stay in Place) Workout #1 -- 30:30 Mixed Circuit- Coach Dos

SIP Workout 3- Ultimate Sandbag Circuit- Coach Dos and Mike Yudin

Lower body exercise progressions- Joe Bonyai

Upper body pushing  and pulling progressions- Joe Bonyai

Home Workout Series- Bilal Yusuf

30 Minute No Equipment Senior Exercise Program- John D'Amico

2 At Home Training Programs for Athletes- Joel Jackson 

SprintFIT- A Guide to Sprinting for Fitness- ALTIS


Video- Making Exercise Videos Using Your iPhone and YouTube- Anthony Renna

167 Exercise Video Library from Eric Dagati- use it with your online programs!

Perform Better Video Series-

              Protecting and Saving Your Business - Thomas Plummer

              Building a community of trust with your clients- Frank Nash

              Goal Setting for You and Your Clients- Rick Mayo

              Managing Business in Time of Crisis- Todd Durkin

                Building Your Community- Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove

             As a fitness professional, you are built for this- Duane Carlisle

             Don't Just Survive…THRIVE!- Rocky Snyder

             Control What You Can Control- Phil Dozois

Video Series- Communication Skills for Virtual Health & Fitness- Jenny Rearick 
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Zoom Call Video- Gym Owner Response to COVID-19- Alwyn Cosgrove, Frank Dolan, Elsbeth Vaino, Evan Marcantonio, Jon Messner and Stephen Bigelow discuss their gym's response so far to the shutdown (also a podcast)

Zoom Call Video- From Retail to Remote with TrainHeroic- TrainHeroic founder Ben Crookston and Product manager and Coach Adam Dawdy join me to discuss adding Remote Training to your business.

Free E-book from Todd Bumgardner- Energy, Emotions, Time- In times like these, managing yourself is super hard, but also the most important thing that you can do.

Coalition of Health and Fitness Leaders- New coalition is made up of leading health and fitness industry companies who have banded together to help move the entire industry forward. Their mission is simple: To help you navigate the coaching and business challenges resulting from COVID-19. Check out their website and resources here.