More on the Bilateral Deficit with Coach Boyle; Brett Jones on Joint Centration- Episode 138

Jun 22, 2022


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Highlights of Episode 138


  "The Coach's Corner with Coach Boyle"- Coach Boyle talks about the MBSC Winter Seminar, more evidence of the Bilateral Deficit, and his article, "First Break All the Rules for Coaches".  
Functional Strength Coach 4

"Ask the Equipment Experts with Perform Better" - Chris Poirier joins us to talk about the latest sale, the Poly Balance Beam, as well as the upcoming One Day Seminars.

"The Business of Fitness" with Results Fitness University - Elias Scarr explains "Being the Ball" - practicing being your clients.

"The Art of Coaching with Athletes' Performance"- Calin Butterfield is on to continue his series about Olympic Lifting, with strategies and goals when teaching the movements.

"Functional Movement Systems Segment"- Brett Jones is back to talk about some issues that came up on the forum, including comparing the FMS to other "systems" and joint centration.



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