More Hamstring Talk!

Jun 22, 2022

The hamstring thing isn't going away. One of my new goals is to try to put new content pieces out that make finding info easier. Yesterday I pulled up a bunch of links for in season training and today I want to link to a bunch of hamstring articles.

Here's a recent article on the continued epidemic of hamstring issues in the NFL

NFL's Bad Wheel: Hamstrings Leave Star Players in Quicksand

The interesting thing is that everyone says they did all the right things but, I'm not so sure?

Athletes need to be able to bridge, do slideboard leg curls ( with correct technique), and progress to things like glute hams.

Here are three articles and a video to get you started.

Dealing With Hamstring Injury - Michael Boyle

A Guide To Handling Hamstring Injuries for the Coach- Boo Schexnayder 

Training to Prevent Hamstring Injury- Kevin Carr

Looking for more? Just search the word hamstring and click "headlines" in the drop down box.