Maximum Overload for Cyclists with Jacques Devore- Episode 212

Jun 22, 2022

Highlights of Episode 212
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  Hit the Gym with a Strength Coach

Jacques DeVore, owner Sirens & Titans Fitness, author of "Maximum Overload for Cyclists":

 ** Why has it taken cyclists so long to get in the weight room
 ** Absolute Power output
 ** Maximum Sustainable Power
** The story behind Maximum Overload
** Mini-sets with rest
** his book "Maximum Overload for Cyclists"
The Coaches Corner with Coach Boyle
 Coach Boyle joins me to discuss:
 ** Things he's taken away from Coach Holler's work
 ** The article "Houston, We Have a Problem" from Martin Buchneit
 ** The article on 1080 Motion "MLB: Cost of Injuries in wins, dollars, and final standings"
Complete Sports Conditioning

The Business of Fitness with Results Fitness
 Alwyn Cosgrove discusses "The Stages of Business"
The Functional Movement Systems Segment
 Functional Movement Systems Gray Cook goes over "Move Well, Move Often"

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