MBSC Operational Questions Part 2

Jun 22, 2022

I received a request to complete some interview style questions for a member and, agreed as long as I could publish my answers. Here is the second set.  See below for a link to the first ones.

Q- How do you manage the dramatic seasonal fluctuations ?

A- We have tried to build our adult business so we have more consistent year round income. We also start marketing the next season about mid way through with stuff like 10% off if you sign up early etc.

Q- Whats the hardest thing about owning a business for you?

A- The hardest thing about owning a business is not letting it become a business. We have stayed relatively small so that we can have that family feel. I never want to hit the " it's all about money/ numbers" stage.

Q- Whats the biggest mistake you made in the past referring to internships?

A- Not asking for videos with applications. We got some real stiffs when we just went off resumes etc. Making a video and showing your personality really helps.