Kelvin Gary- Racism in Fitness: What Can We Do Better- Part 3- Episode 285

Jun 22, 2022

Highlights of Episode 285

Kelvin Gary, trainer and owner of Body Space Fitness, is on for part 3 of a 6-part series on Racism in Fitness.
We spoke about:

1. How he is doing during a really stressful and challenging time
2. His personal experiences with racism in life and the fitness profession
3. Creating an open environment for staff
4. Response to being the "odd ball out" at conferences and con ed

5. Connecting with people and putting yourself forward
6. What we can do to make things better

A sponsor for each episode in this series will donate $250 to the guest's organization of choice.  

Thanks to Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove of Results Fitness University for their generous donation for this episode.
Anthony will donate $50 each episode as well.  

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Kelvin has chosen the Color of Change.  Body Space Fitness has set up a GoFundMe Page that you can donate too.

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