John Berardi- Behavior Change and more with The Change Maker Episode 262

Jun 22, 2022

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Highlights of Episode 262 "Hit The Gym with a Strength Coach" Segment


John Berardi, Co-Founder of Precision Nutrition as well as the Change Maker Academy

We spoke about:

  • Behavior Change and Habits
  • Using Food Logs
  • Nutrition with High School and Middle School Athletes
  • What's the story with CBD oil?
  • His thoughts on Testosterone therapy
  • So much more

The Coaches Corner with Coach Boyle
We spoke about:

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Functional Strength Coach 7

The Business of Fitness with Results Fitness University

Rachel Cosgrove is on with me to talk about “Trial Memberships- Should We Do Them?"

Mentioned in the podcast- Check out the Strength Coach TV Episode with superstar sales person at Results Fitness, Elias Scarr

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The Functional Movement Systems Segment

Lee Burton sits down with Jon Torine to discuss their time at the Combine

TrainHeroic "Data Driven Coaching Segment"

Adam Dawdy & Tim Robinson discuss "Where Do We belong?"

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