Horrible Program Critique

Jul 25, 2022

On Saturday I posted a program that had been shared with me by an Instagram follower. The program (pictured above) is horrible on so many levels. Interestingly enough, the program and the post that followed also showed me how far we still have to go in terms of educating coaches. One thing that came up repeatedly was coaches asking me specifically what I didnt like about the program. To me that was so obvious. However, I realized that this was a tremendous opportunity from an education standpoint.

So, lets start at the beginning. The idea of "lap + jump rope + stretch" as warm-up is pretty outdated. Sadly, that might be the best part of the program. 

The strength program is completely non sensical. I assume that a stationary lunge is a split squat because the term stationary lunge is redundant. I'm also not sure what SB stands for but, I'll assume slideboard. So to begin, the coach lacks knowledge of  basic terminology.

Next is the rep scheme and volume. What I find comical is that somehow the coach thinks there is a difference between a 10-10-8-8 scheme and a 4x8 rep scheme. Lets be honest, these are nearly identical, why bother to distinguish? In addition the volume of “series 1” is more than my athletes do in an entire workout. Lastly, there is some sort of “extensive plyo” / work capacity at the end of each series ( as if the volume isn't enough)

By the end of series 1, the athlete has paired a unilateral exercise with a bilateral exercise and, has done 68 reps of lower body, not counting the Burpees. By the way, burpee is misspelled and, is not a plyometric exercise. Also, luckily, the volume of burpees is not stated. The coach also thinks that a burpee is a good exercise ( see Worlds Worst Exercise).

Series 2 begins with back squats and they appear to be done after the 32 Goblet Squats and 36 lunges already completed? Squats are paired with RDL's this time but, now for 12 reps. Interestinly as the athletes fatigue, the volume increases. This series is now 84 reps. Of course, jump rope appears again? I guess you could call it an extensive plyo?

Series 3 begins with deadlifts? Again at best a questionable decision after 152 reps of lower body. 36 reps here on top of the previous 68 reps of squats. Then we have a "Stability Lunge"? again, unsure what that even is? Then a "calf jump" as a plyo? Again not sure exactly what that is either.

Lastly series 4 is some core work to finish up and then hurdles? To add insult to injury, hurdles is even misspelled. My hope is that the hurdle “note” is hurdle mobility vs jumps.

As I write this, I almost hope that this was a spoof. However, as I said, it came via Instagram with a note about how to approach the coach who wrote it. Hope this explains my thoughts adequately?