Home Workouts Part 4- Reversing the 1x20 Concept

Jun 22, 2022

1x20 is really not exactly 1x20. If you read the series of articles on the site, the progression is actually 20-14-10.

The Yessis 1x20 Strength Training Program

How We Use 1x20 at MBSC

How We Implement Dr Yessis 1x20 at North Scott High School

The idea is just a slow progression of loading using what amounts to a "circuit" of basic exercises.

As we did our first home session this week I realized that the best progression is probably the reverse.

I've already mentioned, I think that starting with 20 reps on unilateral stuff can be a lot, so we do 10 ea side.

The second problem is that we dont have a large selection of weights like we do at the gym so a simple load progression is not possible.

My suggestion is that 1x20 starts as 1x10 and progresses by two reps per week up to 20.

Theoretically that would be 7 weeks and hopefully this mess doesnt last that long.

So, as I said in the 1 Dumbbell and 1 Kettlebell Workouts, article start with a dumbbell or kettlebell that you can row for 10 reps and get to work.

If it gets tough, try for 1 rep per week. What we need is progressive overload and, if we cant get it through load, we can get it through reps.