Early Specialization- Are We Part of the Problem?- Brett Klika on Episode 224

Jun 22, 2022

Highlights of Episode 224

The TrainHeroic "Hit The Gym with a Strength Coach" Segment

Brett Klika (Co-founder and CEO of SpiderFit) is on to talk about training with kids and youth athletes.

We talked about:

  • Are we as strength and conditioning coaches, to blame for the popularity of early sport specialization?
  • Stages of training for different ages and what should be the focus during those stages
  • Working with pre-pubescent kids, should we even do it?
  • How his approach to youth strength and conditioning has changed over the years

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The Coaches Corner with Coach Boyle

We talked about:

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The Business of Fitness with Results Fitness University

Alwyn Cosgrove discusses "Culture is not KING"  

The Functional Movement Systems Segment

Gray Cook addresses "The Language of Movement is Written in Feel"

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