Derek Hansen- The Running Mechanic- Episode 256

Jun 22, 2022


Highlights of Episode 256 "Hit The Gym with a Strength Coach" Segment

Derek Hansen, Sprint Coach and creator of the Running Mechanics Professional Certification

We spoke about:

  • LTAD Windows for Speed
  • Strength for Speed
  • Treadmill vs. Ground Running
  • The benefit of Sprinting for Long Distance
  • Hill Sprints
  • The meaning of "Be the Hashtag"
  • The bare minimum of technology that we need
  • The Running Mechanics Professional Certification that he is launching
  • So much more!


Check out the upcoming Level 1 and 2 workshops coming in July (New York) and August (Montreal)


The Coaches Corner with Coach Boyle We spoke about:

  • Spending time on a lift that you are not really focusing on strength
  • forum thread "NFL Combine"
  • forum thread Low Testosterone


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The Business of Fitness with Results Fitness University

Rachel Cosgrove is on with me to talk about “Avoiding the Pitfalls of Opening a Gym"

Read the article we talk about in this episode "What Social Media Isn't Telling You About Owning a Gym"

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The Functional Movement Systems Segment

Jenna Gourlay starts a 2 part series on "Using the FMS with Groups" 


TrainHeroic "Data Driven Coaching Segment"

Adam Dawdy & Tim Robinson discuss "What We Can Learn from Crossfit"

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