Five Ways to Get More Small Group Training Clients with Vince Gabriele- Episode 363.5

Sep 06, 2023

Strength Coach Podcast


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Highlights of Special Episode 363.5


Vince Gabriele, owner of Gabriele Fitness and founder of Fitness Business University and Kiss Marketing

“Five Ways to Get More Small Group Training Clients


We spoke about:

  • How he got on the Perform Better speaking tour
  • Tips for getting on any speaking tour
    • Show up
    • Talk to presenters outside of their lectures
    • Follow up with organizers and presenters
  • Recap of his Perform Better lecture “5 Ways to Get More Small Group Clients”
    • Get clarity around your target market
    • Use the “Marketing Glove”
    • Having a follow-up process (Check out 361.5 for more info)
    • the best way to get referrals
    • Aligning with partners that will put you in front of your target market
  • Much More!

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