The Ultimate Sports Speed Home Study Course!

Jul 25, 2022

If you're looking for step by step instructions on how to improve multi-directional speed and agility... you've come to the right place!

|image1|The 'Groundbreaking Techniques Program' is a brand-new 2-DVD set that shows you EXACTLY how to dramatically improve speed, quickness, agility and athleticism. Want to know why this is the only speed DVD series we endores? Because you are NOT just given a bunch of speed drills. You'll also be shown exactly how to re-program any athlete and teach these movements to perfection. It's perfect for any coach or trainer who want to create faster, more agile athletes!

In DVD #1, Coach Taft will dissect every movement show you the following:

  • First Step Quickness - never be the slowest on the 'first step' as Lee shows you how to reprogram your movement!
  • Spring-Loaded Speed! - discover Lee's secret method to have your speed explode like a spring
  • A Complete Speed Company in a Box! - you'll go behind the scenes and discover EVERYTHING you need to know about how to teach and progress every athlete for superior speed and agility. Perfect for strength coaches, perrsonal trainers and sports coaches!
  • Leave opponents in the dust! - discover his patented method for cutting-edge agility and quickness
  • Step by Step Instruction - you'll be led, every step of the way. It's the only DVD that actually TEACHES you have to become quicker and faster!
  • And many more speed and athletic movement training skills .

In DVD #2, you'll see all the great hands-on practical drills you can use in the field right away including:

  • Straight Ahead Speed - discover how to become a faster, more controlled athlete
  • Agility Drills - discover the best and most effective drills for superior agility
  • First Step Quickness - see all of Lee's favorite drills to improve your first step quickness so you're always first to the ball!
  • The Cross-Over Speed - discover Coach Taft's best lateral movement drills to have your opponents guessing where you'll move next on the field!
  • And many more speed, agility and athletic movement drills . . .

This DVD series was created for any coach, trainer or athlete who is serious about become a faster, more coordinated, more balanced, more complete athlete! You'll be taken through all the training techniques in DVD #1, then DVD #2 will show you how to take those techniques and apply them to incredible speed and agility drills your athletes can use right away.

These 2 DVDs are literally a 'Sports Training Business' in a box. You'll get everything you need to begin teaching a high-quality speed and agility program complete with proper teaching progression and all the drills you'll ever need! It's jam-packed at over 2 hours of hands-on speed/agility instruction and drills.

The price for BOTH DVDs is only $99US

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