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Aerobic Development in Collegiate Ice Hockey
Devan McConnell
Here at UMass Lowell, we currently implement a 4-­day off-season training program. . . . keep reading

Video of the Week- Core Training
Mike Boyle
In this 7 minute core training video gives a nice summary of anti-extension, anti-lateral flexion and anti-rotation concepts. . . . keep reading

A Real World Application of the FMS in a Team Setting
Bruce Kelly
A new squash director came in to the school I coach at and he embraced the idea of me being the performance coach for both the upper and middle school squash programs. The first order of business was an assessment/evaluation process which was going to have the FMS as it's cornerstone. . . . keep reading

Episode 153- Greg Brittenham (former Knicks)
Strength Coach Podcast
Episode 153- Greg Brittenham (former Knicks)Greg Brittenham talks about "Conditioning to the Core"; Coach Boyle on his takeaways from the WGFS; Mike Wunsch on a 4 Step Plan for Marketing; Nick Winkelman on Motivation, Kevin Larrabee on CFSC and Erin gives us the Perform Better lowdown . . . keep reading

From the Ground Up
Tim Anderson
Most builders would not build a house without preparing and laying a solid foundation from which to build the house on. Instead, they prepare the ground. . . . keep reading

Cross Transfer and Bad Physical Therapy
Mike Boyle
I got the question below, and another just like it, over the last few days. "Mike, have you ever worked with a PT who restricted or eliminated lower body work on the non-involved leg after an ACL injury/surgery? . . . keep reading

Video of the Week- MVP Shuttle- The Quadruped Shuttle Press
Mike Boyle
The Quadruped Shuttle Press is a great way to use the 4x4 Matrix concept to progress quadruped exercises. . . . keep reading

"Striking Out"- Educating and training your runners on the infamous "heel strike"- Part 1
Max Prokopy, University of Virginia SPEED Clinic
Runners love to run. They will go to tremendous depths of pain and effort to fill the log sheet. Like all sport cultures, it's always interesting to see what sticks in the zeitgeist. . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 8 thru 15 of 1846 Found BACK NEXT

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