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Other People's Athletes
Michael Boyle
Originally posted May 13, 2013- One question that seems to come up at the beginning of every summer is how to deal with athletes that train with you at a private facility but play for another team or school. More specifically, how do we deal with an athlete that brings us a program we perceive to poorly written and says "I need to do this for school". . . . keep reading

Strength Coach Podcast Classic- Charlie Weingroff
Anthony Renna
New feature- "The Strength Coach Podcast Classic"- popular interviews from the show, with only that interview (none of the other segments will be included). For this episode, we have Charlie Weingroff's interview from Episode 62. This is exclusive to members. . . . keep reading

Basketball Sample In-Season Lift, Post Practice
Sean Hayes, University of Georgia
Here is a sample of my 2 day in-season post practice lift.  Day 1 is always done the day after an off day, which is the longest time between game . . . keep reading

Video of the Week- Deadlift Progression
Karl Safran
Karl Safran from No Bull Training in Huntingdon Valley, PA goes over his deadlift progressions . . . keep reading

Episode 141 with Jeff Connors, author of "Strength Coach, A Call to Serve"
Strength Coach Podcast
Episode 141 with Jeff Connors, author of Jeff Connors, Coach Boyle, Brett Jones, Mike Wunsch, Cal Butterfield and Erin McGirr . . . keep reading

Personal Training & Business Mentorship with MBSC's Brendon Rearick and Kevin Carr
Come and get your learn on with Kevin Carr and Brendon Rearick on Friday and Saturday March 7th and 8th at our second Personal Training & Business Mentorship . . . keep reading

A Peek Inside STS
Thomas Sullivan
Here we are in February of 2014. I started Sullivan Training in Weymouth in 2009. I was 24 years old when I opened my own shop. A lot has happened in . . . keep reading

Video of the Week: Assisted 1 Leg SLDL
Here's a very simple but very effective way to regress single leg SLDLs if you or your clients struggle with them. . . . keep reading

Displaying Matches 8 thru 15 of 1762 Found BACK NEXT

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