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You want to learn, grow and network as a professional but is it even possible in such an intimidating environment filled with so much conflicting information?


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It's Overwhelming Out There...
Anthony Renna, host of The Strength Coach Podcast

I can remember when I first started out as a trainer, I couldn't believe how much conflicting information there was about Strength & Conditioning and Personal Training! 

I was trying to absorb as much information as I could but it was pretty confusing, I wasn't sure who to believe or who I could trust.  The internet was (and still is) filled with snake oil salesmen padding their resumes (amazing how many people claim to have worked with pro athletes and Olympic champions) trying to make a buck selling “magic” training formulas.

The peers I had been working with in my big box gym seemed to be mostly concerned with their own bodies, and trainers who had been there the longest were not interested in teaching anyone that might be their competition

They certainly weren't interested in learning anything new.  I wasn't sure where to turn. 

A lot of trainers who face the same problem:

  • Waste too much valuable time searching the internet looking for answers to questions
  • Have no one to connect with to talk about industry topics
  • Take a chance and overpay for DVD's that end up over-promising and under-delivering
  • Get books that are outdated with authors that you can't get in touch with for questions
  • End up frustrated and leave the business for good

I know, I was at that point.  I really felt all alone in my pursuit to become a better trainer.

Enter the forum.

Coach Boyle was someone who had been already been working in Strength & Conditioning for 20 years, working with all kinds of athletes at Boston University, the Boston Bruins, the US Women's Soccer and Hockey teams and lots of pro football players.

He was still in the trenches, which is important for me when I am looking to learn from someone.  Fitness business expert and frequent contributor Alwyn Cosgrove likes to say, “Been There, done that, still DOING it”.   That's Coach Boyle.

I had just read his first book, Functional Training for Sports, and his philosophies and methods really resonated with me.  His work made sense.

Coach Boyle started his own forum to be able to answer so many of the questions he was getting and it was filled with strength coaches who had been working in high schools, colleges and the pros. There was so many amazing discussions about every topic and situation imaginable in S&C.  It was incredible.

I found a home!

" has helped me tremendously since its inception.  The articles and videos continue to be really helpful in learning what's currently going on in the Strength and Conditioning profession.  However, what I find most valuable is the ongoing forum discussions which feature dialogue between some of the best people in the business.  You get an insight to what people are doing with their clients/athletes."

Sean Skahan, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Boston University Hockey


I started to interact as much as I could on the forum, learning from all the experienced coaches that were on there.  When I went to conferences and workshops, I was able to network, meet and become friends with so many like-minded coaches because I had already been connecting with them on the forum.  I became a better, more knowledgeable coach, inspired by the incredible S&C community and their willingness to share knowledge and experience.

That little forum really grew and Coach Boyle had the opportunity to expand into what has become, with hundreds of articles, videos, programs, and webinars.   Of course, the forum has grown into something really special, with categories that include Advanced, Beginner, FMS, High School, Business, Critique my Form, Nutrition and more. 

Coach Boyle is on everyday answering (and asking) questions.

It's the only place anywhere to have full access to him.

" has been extremely helpful in my career. Not only has it served as an online forum to discuss training with other professionals and share ideas and partake in healthy disagreement, but it also has been a great way to help me connect with other colleagues in the industry and forge professional relationships. I haven't found an online forum in the profession of strength and conditioning that does a better job of offering such a diverse amount of content to its members and providing them with opportunities to ask questions in a productive and non-judgmental environment."

Patrick Ward MS, CSCS, LMT
Seattle Seahawks

Imagine a place where you could go to get the latest info on everything Strength & Conditioning and training and interact with some of the best Strength Coaches in the World!  

Welcome to

It really has become “The Best Source for Strength & Conditioning Information”

" is the most comprehensive resource available for Strength & Conditioning information.  I have had questions answered, helped others and learned so much from the articles and forum threads that have helped me become a better professional which in turns allows me to help my athletes get to another level."

Brijesh Patel, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Quinnipiac University

Thanks to that forum and, that learning experience and those relationships led me to:

-       Start one of the first and most popular Strength & Conditioning podcasts, The Strength Coach Podcast, which averages over 9,000 listeners every show

-       Host Strength Coach TV, which has helped hundreds of trainers opening facilities

-       Open my own facility, Five Iron Fitness, in White Plains, NY

-       Become part of the Nike Trainer's Network

-       Be able to pick up the phone and get advice from so many college and pro strength coaches

-       Become a partner in!

I'm not the only one who has benefited greatly from, check out what these great coaches said:


"I would be enormously remiss not to acknowledge the platform that Coach Boyle and has provided me over the last 6-7 years.  Obviously this platform has allowed me recognition of both clinical and teaching skills that have yielded many professional opportunities.  The litany of great friends I've met through participating on is where I have greatest thanks.  It is quite clear that I owe much of the credit for the success I have in my career to participating on"

Charlie Weingroff, Medical Director- Drive 495; Executive Performance Council- Nike

"When I first got into MLS in 2007, StrengthCoach was a resource that really helped me learn about the 'best practice' methodology of the top people in the industry. Since then, it has remained an indispensable part of my 'network'.  I think every strength coach needs to stay in the network and communicate on a weekly basis with his/her peers, and is a viable tool that I use to do that. is directly responsible for me meeting people like Patrick Ward, Charlie Weingroff, Tim Vagen, and Bill Hartman-- all coaches who have made me a better professional!"  

Dave Tenney, Seattle Sounders FC, Fitness Coach

" has been an invaluable resource in my career. I have been a member since the first day, and few days have gone by where I have not logged on and learned something. The discussions and exchange of idea's have helped me become a better and more knowledgeable coach, and the articles, video's, and podcast's are a constant source of cutting edge education. The ability to learn from some of the brightest minds in the field truly sets this website apart"

Devan McConnell, Director of Sports Performance, UMass Lowell

"As a transplanted American Coach working in Italian Series Soccer, I am grateful for and The Strength Coach allows me to still feel connected to what is going on back in the US and beyond. and the podcast could be your greatest contribution to our field yet.  Thank you!"

Ed Lippie,
Head Performance Coach, AS Roma

"StrengthCoach has increased my network which is an important aspect of improving as a coach. In addition the forums which I participate on are up-to-date, real issues in today's world of strength and conditioning. There are so many coaches in the gym and on the court that interact by discussing problems they encounter, advancements they are making and athlete issues on a daily basis."

Bob Alejo, Assistant AD/Director of Strength and Conditioning, North Carolina State

I know there are a lot of you out there like me.

Looking for information you can trust in a place you can connect with Strength Coaches and Trainers who, like you, just want to be the best that they can be

You want to learn, grow and network to advance in a career you love. 

This is the place to do it.

Come join us.  Try it out for 3 days for just $1.


A message from Coach Boyle:

Join the community and interact with so many like minded coaches.  
As a member of, you get:

Unlimited Access to the private member-only forum- Coach Boyle is on everyday
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A FREE Downloadable pdf of the " Top 10 Articles- Performance"

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Coach Boyle's book, "Advances in Functional Training" (in PDF format)

In Advances, you'll learn how to—

  • Reduce and prevent common problems like low back pain, knee pain, neck and shoulder pain by identifying compensations, improving mobility and flexibility and focusing on movement patterns
  • Minimize the risk of common injuries like lifting-related back injuries, tendinitis, upper-body injuries, ACL injuries and sports hernias
  • Unlock greater power and performance by learning how to properly train the hips and core
  • Help your athletes stay in top shape all season long with the right conditioning methods in the preseason, off-season and in-season
  • Develop explosiveness to improve forty-yard dash times and overall game speed
  • Select the right equipment for your gym room—Mike gives his recommendations of the equipment you do and don't need to improve strength, conditioning and overall athleticism
  • Select the right exercises for your athletes—Learn to pick the exercises that have the biggest payoff and minimum risk
  • Build safer, more effective programs for your athletes—Mike provides insight into how to program for speed, power, strength, hypertrophy, and more. He even gives sample programs and templates so you can see how he puts programs together, so you can go from there to build your own.

… and much more.

Whether you train elite athletes looking for an extra edge in performance without compromising safety… or everyday men and women looking to maximize their time in the gym so they can enjoy their life outside of it…

If you're a serious coach or trainer always looking for a better and safer way to train the people you work with, Advances in Functional Training is a “must have” resource to add to your library.

This is one of the few fitness books you'll come back to again and again as you train your clients and seek to give them every advantage you can.


Coach Boyle's Book "Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities" (in PDF format)

"Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities" is a "how-to- book."

The book moves from the task of equipping a weight room, through a discussion of programming concepts, and eventually into actual workouts with detailed explanation.

I hope that this book will be what every aspiring, strength and conditioning coach is looking for.

A basic primer on how to get things done and why.
The concepts are meant to be simple and utilitarian.