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Personal Training & Business Mentorship with MBSC's Brendon Rearick and Kevin Carr
Come and get your learn on with Kevin Carr and Brendon Rearick on Friday and Saturday March 7th and 8th at our second Personal Training & Business Mentorship keep reading

An Apology Letter to Personal Trainers
Michael Boyle
I need to take a moment to apologize to all the personal trainers who have ever attended a seminar I spoke at or read either of my two books. keep reading

“I Think I’ll Do Upper Body Today” (Female subtitle- “I Think I’ll Just Run Today”)
Michael Boyle
Interesting fact: Most people go to the gym and immediately do the exercises they like. If you’re a man, that means bench press and curls. If you’re a woman it means hopping on the treadmill for a long slow walk or a long slow run. I think this might be the reason most people look so bad. They are always going to work on the stuff they can’t see or don’t like to do tomorrow but, tomorrow never comes. keep reading

Joining a Health Club
Michael Boyle
This is the latest installment in a series designed to get everyone angry with me. Today we look at the concept of joining a health club or fitness center. The progression of the club environment in my lifetime has been an interesting one. We have progressed from the early gyms that were simply places with weights inhabited by this odd subculture of those who lifted them. Most who lifted weights were considered a bit odd. Females were seen with the frequency of unicorns. keep reading

Michael Boyle
News flash. MSNBC reported once again that exercise is good for you. Someone call the ancient Greeks and Romans. They will be so happy to know we finally caught on. MSNBC reported on Aug 22nd that the new fad in exercise is called Gyrotonics. Gyrotonics instructor Barbara Schwarz describes Gyrotonics as follows, "It's similar to Pilates only in the respect that it teaches you to work the core," Schwarz says. Whereas Pilates is more linear, Gyrotonics is spherical, with the equipment allowing for a 360-degree range of motion.” Does anyone hear an echo? Better than Pilates, better than Yoga? I can almost hear the sound of celebrities jumping off the Pilates/Yoga bandwagon to get on the Gyro bandwagon. keep reading

Michael Boyle
The Most Important Operation You May Ever Have I’ve got a newsflash that will change the world of fitness and training forever. I discovered an essential new operation that be life-changing. The operation is called an addanasstomy. Luckily you can perform this operation on yourself with out the aid of a doctor. In an addanasstomy we take the average gluteless bench press addicted trainee and we begin an intensive program of squats and lunges to attempt to add increase the size of the glutes maximus. Hence the name. ADD AN ASS TO ME or in this case really to you. keep reading

Fat Loss Secrets: Diet Makes a Difference
Michael Boyle
It seems everyone wants to lose weight. Every client that walks in the door would like to be at least a little thinner or a little lighter. Most want to be a lot thinner or a lot lighter. With this obsession with fat loss comes an obsession with exercise and with diet. The reality is that we have only the two previously mentioned tools for fat loss. keep reading

DELAYING THE LOSS OF POWER AS A RESULT OF AGING We need to train as fast as our clients are physically capable of going
Michael Boyle
Professor Joe Signorile is a man on a mission. Joe wants to change the way we train our older clients. He scored with me. After listening to Joe talk. I realized that training older clients for power was not only a good idea, it was essential. keep reading

The Truth About Yoga and Pilates
Michael Boyle
Yo! Yoga People. If I come across anyone who is training to stand in the same place for an hour, I'll send them your way. keep reading

Don't Lighten Up
Michael Boyle
Every time someone in a social setting finds out that I've worked with PGA golfers, the response is always the same. "I guess you guys do light weights and lots of stretching." It drives me nuts. One thing I hope to do over the next few months is tell the truth about training. keep reading

What Functional Training Really Is
Michael Boyle
I am often confused when I encounter opponents of functional training. The concept of functional training seems so common sense and intuitive to me that I used to struggle to find what could be objectionable to others. It was not until I read Charles Staley's description of functional training in his new book that I realized why so many people seem so "anti" functional training. keep reading

Response to Gambetta- Movement Screen Measurable versus Functional
Michael Boyle
First let me state that one of my best early sources of education was Vern Gambetta. Vern was a man ahead of his time and was one of the early proponents of what is now called functional training. Wit keep reading

The Mythology of Hypertrophy
Michael Boyle
In personal training we seem to encounter two types of clients. On one hand we have the male clients who desire hypertrophy and on the other hand we have the female clients who view hypertrophy as a disease keep reading

A Young Coaches Journey
Vince Gabriele
I am lying on the floor of the Parisi Speed School after an 18 minute workout. My heart feels like it is about to come through my chest, the lactic acid buildup is about to make me puke and this crazy guy named Martin Rooney is standing over me telling me that I have just finished a level 3 Hurricane workout. There are 5 levels to Martin’s new system and it will take some time for me to get to the level of some his Olympian Judo warriors. That was the last and most challenging workout of my strength and conditioning journey to the east coast. keep reading

Understanding and Training Hip Flexion?
Michael Boyle
A recent post on my website forum ( made me realize that often a short answer to a complicated question doesn't work. A few of my readers seemed to think that all of the recent talk about a weak psoas muscle or an under-active psoas muscle might just be people being trendy. I for one strongly disagree. I think my increased knowledge of the biomechanics of hip flexion is one of the most valuable things that I have learned in the past five years. The problem with understanding hip flexion in general and the psoas muscle in particular is that we use the term "hip flexor" as a generic term to apply to five muscles, four of which have distinctly different leverage positions from the other one. keep reading

“To All Critics of Good Coaches”
Daniel Martinez
I decided to sit down and write this after reading Coach Boyle’s article on T-Nation (Strong Athlete, Zero Injuries) and after reading the replies to the article. I hope everyone can understand the rationale behind my writing this. - Daniel Martinez Who’s Your Daddy? Do you remember when you were little and you thought that your dad was the strongest man in the world? Back then, kids would argue until they were blue in the face with anger, or black and blue in the face because of the fight that ensued, over just who’s daddy was the strongest. That’s what this trolling around the internet reminds me of: Who’s daddy is strongest? I see arguments about the superiority of Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, functional training, kettlebell training, etc., etc. and it just bores the hell out of me. keep reading

Pre-Season Training for Basketball Athletes
Logan Schwartz - Asst. Strength Coach at U Texas
Pre-season training for basketball usually last 4-6 weeks and culminates with the beginning of practice. The main objective during this time is to prepare the athletes to handle the intensity of 2-3 hour practices, 5-6 days a week. Contrary to popular thought, the goal is not to “peak” the athletes, but prepare their bodies to endure a long season in hopes to reach a championship level at the end of the season. keep reading

Telling Lies in America
Michael Boyle
Telling lies in America is what fitness in this country is all about. keep reading

Alwyn Cosgrove Picks Mike's Brain
Get inside the mind of the #1 guy in strength and conditioning. A no-holds barred assault on training! keep reading

Hamstring Dominance
Brijesh Patel
Recently I’ve had sort of a training epiphany. Call me stupid for not realizing this earlier, but I know I’m not the only coach who has experienced the phenomenon that I will explain below. keep reading

20 Things I Know
Michael Boyle
"In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, in the experts there are few." -- "Buddha's Little Instruction Book" With all that said, I'd like to present 20 things I do know. Here they are, in no particular order: keep reading

6 Things I Dislike
Michael Boyle
I was going to call this article "6 Things I Hate," then I realized I'd be a hypocrite. keep reading

Strong and Injury Free?
Michael Boyle
Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. In the field of strength development, this concept applies directly to exercise selection. keep reading

Is Doing Abs a Waste of Time?
Michael Boyle
I can’t even tell you how often I hear someone at the end of the workout say something like “I need to do more abs, I want to get that six-pack.” The truth is that passing on a sixpack is a better way to get a six-pack than six hundred sit-ups. The key to abdominal definition is the visibility of the abdominal musculature, not the strength of the muscles. keep reading