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Young Athletes

Young Athletes!

Welcome to the Young Athletes Training Homepage.

Kids ARE NOT mini-adults and shouldn't train like them. We'll cover strength training guidelines and give you tips for working with young athletes.

Making Lacrosse Fun
Michael Boyle - April 24, 2016
My son is pretty good at lacrosse. This year I had to force him to play ( I know, I shouldn't do that). The number one reason he didn't want to play? Practice wasn't fun. Practice was boring. keep reading

Bruce Kelly - February 23, 2016
I developed the idea of creating what I called Minimum Physical Literacy Standards: 9 skills/ abilities I thought the students should at least have some proficiency in before moving onto high school. keep reading

Another Great Read on Early Sport Specialization from the folks at CONQA Sport
Mike Boyle
The folks at CONQA Sport posted a great blog about the dangers of early specialization. keep reading

5 Ways Youth Sports gets the Math All Wrong
Changing the Game Project
Great article from the guys at Changing the Game Project. keep reading

Summer Strength and Conditioning Guide for Parents: 3 Pitfalls to Avoid
Anthony Donskov - June 09, 2015
It's about that time of year again! A time where youth athletes' are finishing up their competitive seasons and looking forward to the summer. keep reading

The Elite Performer Pyramid- Supporting Children for Excellence in Sport and Life
Brian Sipotz - April 20, 2015
Parents of young athletes have a tough job these days. They are charged with the task of nurturing, teaching, motivating, training, and navigating their young athletes through an increasingly complex and competitive youth sports landscape. keep reading

The Real Meaning of the "Off" Season
Michael Boyle - March 30, 2015
I've been posting lots of info about how athletes need to play multiple sports. The evidence is overwhelming and keeps piling up. However, in typical Type A parent style many have misinterpreted the message. keep reading

Early Specialization, Play, & Injuries - A Defense of the 1-Sport "Specialist"
Pat Britton - February 04, 2015
A day doesn't go by where I don't get emailed, a post shared on Facebook, or a link posted on Twitter referencing the "evils" and "dangers" of only playing one sport and early specialization keep reading

Thoughts On High School Football Warm-up
Below is a conversation between a site member and an NFL Strength Coach that we thought might be interesting. keep reading

Coordination Training for Future Champions
Jeremy Frisch - June 17, 2014
Almost a half century ago a famous Finnish coach and athletic authority, Lauri Pihkala, said, "Boys don't be in a hurry to join the men." His warning is still applicable today and sh keep reading

Brad Kaczmarski - June 30, 2013
After Mike’s recent article, Working with Kids, Again, and his discussion about it on the strengthcoachpodcast 126, with Anthony Renna, I thought that it was important to point out what h keep reading

What I Learned From Coaching Kids, Again
Michael Boyle - June 17, 2013
In the past few months I have gone back to coaching kids. It's something that I haven't done in quite a while, really since the early MBSC days 15 years ago. The sad truth is the higher level you work keep reading

The Importance of an Athletic Developmental System
David Allen - November 10, 2012
NBS Fitness was created for the purpose of making people better.  Pure and simple, I wanted to expose people to the highest level of training possible to allow them the greatest stimulus for grow keep reading

Are You Putting Your College Athletes Eligibility at Risk?
Chris Matsui - November 08, 2012
In the private industry, sometimes we forget that there are NCAA regulations you need to abide by that have nothing to do with performance. If violated the rules could potentially prohibit you from wo keep reading

Preparing For High School Athletics
David Kittner - September 25, 2012
Becoming an athlete at any level is a process that requires long term planning, commitment and hard work. To give a child every opportunity to succeed as an athlete at the high school level, how they spend their time during the primary and middle school years is crucial. keep reading

How to keep your high school athlete's college strength coach from hating your guts
David Allen - September 20, 2012
As football season approaches, many athletes are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to put all their hard earned off season’s gains to the test on Frida keep reading